3D Allows You to Bring Your Ideas to Life

Concept, Clarity, and Audience Expectations

People naturally work, observe, and interact with their environment in three physical dimensions. As a result, 3D renderings and animations are more intuitively understood than plans or schematics. This interaction is especially apparent when the design or concept in question is complex.

The "Big" questions are much easier to answer, and the overall "nuts and bolts" are easier to understand when complex concepts are clearly defined with the use of 3D visualization. You'll be able to beat out the competition by visually demonstrating how your approach is better, more cost effective and that your teams clearly understand project parameters. 3D is the most efficient means of translating a client's dreams and aspirations into the real world.

Media is evolving at a tremendous pace and 3D content is at the leading edge. I say content, not animation, because the use of 3D cinematography is becoming mainstream. Imax-3D, Digital 3D, 3D-TV and 3D-HD handy cams, announced at the Consumer Electronics Show this year, are all available for the general public. This a huge step toward full 3D content being transformed from a "wiz-bang" presentational perk to a must-have expectation. When the goal of a presentation is to exceed that expectation, the requirement shifts from just having a rough 3D representation to photo-realism.

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