How We Move Through Your Project

Request a Quote

After receiving or discussing the preliminary details most quotes will be e-mailed within 24 hours. If the project requires narration , video shoots, or an original music score, additional time may be required.

Voigt Creations believes in keeping an open dialog with existing and potential clients, once a quote is submitted, there are a number things that can be adjusted to make certain that your project will meet your needs.

Deliverables will also be decided on at this time. These could include items such as:

• e-mail digital files (zip, jpeg, tif, etc.)
• cd-rom with digital images files
• high-resolution print(s), with or with-out framing
• DVD or Blue-ray video presentation
• 3D Holographic print
• interactive web, presentation or kiosk elements

Clarify Project Scope and Timeline

Once the quote is accepted, we will discuss any additional details about the project not determined during the quote process.

Some projects, such as our Fast Massing option which has all of the details pre-defined, can be completed in as little as one or two hours. If the project is a lengthy animation with a great degree of detail, the timeline could be two or three months. On average, a single high resolution image for print, on CD or as a file download, can be delivered in less than 5 days of receiving the required assets.

Project details to be addressed could include: material samples, manufacturer information, points of contact, etc. Basically clarifying project management information, communication details, deliverables and the approval process.

The timeline will describe when drawings, finishes, and other materials or feedback will need to be received to keep the project moving along, the project stages, dates for deliverables, and (if necessary) a billing schedule.

Project Planning

Viewing locations and perspectives should be decided early, as well as level of detail and scene activity. This helps to focus the development time on the details of the rendering that are most important.

If an animation project is in requested, then "story boards" and script development happen at this time. The result will determine what materials will be needed for the project and if there are any special functions or details that need to be built into the models.

Camera locations or movements can be adjusted at any time throughout the process. However, it is recommended that any major changes be addressed as early as possible, if not first. The earlier these decisions are approved, the faster project can move.

Project Asset Collection

Any remaining required materials and designs are to be delivered. If all materials are not yet available, "placeholders" may be used until the actual material selections have been decided upon, or are received.

If the project requires the use of 3D renderings or animations as a progressive design tool, then the billing structure, and delivery format, can be developed to account for the necessary incremental changes.

Alpha Models and Design Proofs

In the vast majority of cases, a preliminary massing of the project can be delivered electronically within 24 hours of receipt of the designs, samples, and material selections or notations. This is effectively a Fast Massing deliverable, which details the solid, highly-reflective, and transparent areas of the project material.

The total number of proofs will be determined in the initial planning process. The speed with which a signed proof can be returned will have a direct effect on the development timeline. A faster turnaround will yield a faster project. Even an un-anticipated change, if relayed early enough, may leave both the cost and timeline unaffected.

Beta Models, Proofs & Approvals

As the project progresses additional images will be delivered for either clarification or signature approval.

These images will address lighting, and periphery elements or effects not directly related to the project being showcased. They will be of a lower quality than the final, allowing for a faster approval process. A swift, clear response will help to keep the project moving.

Asset Delivery & Payment

Most images can be produced in less than one week. If the communication is clear and approvals swift, some projects can be completed in a day or two. Extensive animations or larger facilities with multiple rendered spaces will take additional time to complete.

The payment terms will be set during the planning portion of the project. Depending on the scope of the project the payment could be COD, net-15 or net-30. To get a project started, there will be an up-front retainer required. For some projects, this could be required for studio or equipment rental, travel or other expenses approved during the project planning stage.

If the project has an extended timeline, the pre-approved payment schedule will be followed with payments contingent of approvals and reviews, with the final balance due on delivery of the requested materials.