The Story of How We Became Voigt Creations

Voigt Creations is a 3D Visualization Industry Leader

Bart Voigt has spent most of his life working with technology and graphics in one form or another. Prior to attending college Bart developed a special interest in drafting and architecture, and gained work experience translating 3D molecular models between atomic structure analysis applications.

While attending Purdue University he focused his studies in 3D animation and technical graphic design. Additionally Bart attained familiarity with the fundamentals of engineering. He excelled in this field of study while working for a local architectural firm and tutoring other students.

After graduation Bart worked at the Medical College of Ohio and helped develop the groundwork for "Anatomy Revealed," an award winning educational tool for medical dissection labs.

Over the years, Bart has had the opportunity to be involved with several multimedia companies where he produced architectural renderings and animations for both local and international firms. During that same period, Bart had the privilege to hold adjunct professorships at two local colleges.

Due to Bart's unique capabilities and insights, he was commissioned to produce 3D models and renderings for a permanent exhibit in the Indiana State Museum.

All told, Bart Voigt and Voigt Creations have, in addition to winning a 2000 Telly Award, landed both employment partners and clients a combined total of over $1 Billion in successful bids and fundraising.

Through Voigt Creations, Bart leverages his ever-expanding 3D knowledge and expertise to provide high quality and efficient renderings and designs for a wide range of projects and budgets.

For more information on how Voigt Creations can make you and your next project look great, contact him here.